Subaru Sambar Fire Truck

So, back in the land of the rising sun we made this collab with @serranitamods : a cute kei fire truck
this truck is from Okabe village fire department in the Shizuoka Prefecture.
It has a full body work and a early 90s facelift (made by serrana), also a unique emergency chassis made from scratch, also include fully working lights.

i worked on the inside of the truck and the wheels, also making the propper marks to the truck and other details. I will leave some images of the truck, which left us satisfied with the result. I will also show you some skins that we have for our server project that we are working on

And the skins:

Highway Patrol Cops

TMP traffic task force

that's it, see you soon


Datsun/Nissan Bluebird 910

Hello everyone, today I want to share with you this Datsun/Nissan Bluebird 910 project that I started working in 2014 (a long time ago lol) using a skp car base original from Kano Bridge. I never wanted to finish it because I did not feel capable of doing it and always for different reasons I started to put the project aside. Some time ago when i went back to the modding with my instagram profile i found it again and made some changes to the car interior but it was not finished again

A few days ago I gave it to my friend MidnightAurora, who continued with the work of the model making several arrangements with the normals & polys and added the interior and the engine, also made those nissan steel wheels, in addition to adding various details and finnish the convertion of the car, honestly this could be the only one of its kind for gta

This is the first of several projects of this type that we have together and that I will soon publish here.

Stock version:

And here with japanese license plates:

that's it, see you soon


Toyota Corolla AE70

It's been a long time since my last post in this blog, During this quarentine time at home, I have had time to finish some old editions that i will post soon here. My best regards to all of you that still has this blog in their favorite pages and i hope you all continue well with all this coronavirus pandemic. 

This patrol car was edited by me some time ago for a personal japanese themed server in MTA with my friends, Hope you like it



1989 Karin Primo Police

Oh hi, here with other download, this is police version of san andreas primo, looks like an 80's toyota, so here are some pics, Credits in the readme file

 Model Includes:

- Police Livery
- lighbar
- karin logos
- new wheels
- new tail lights
- japanese plate


and here a pic of my next work: 

90's London Ambulance

That's all, bye c: