1989 Karin Primo Police

Oh hi, here with other download, this is police version of san andreas primo, looks like an 80's toyota, so here are some pics, Credits in the readme file

 Model Includes:

- Police Livery
- lighbar
- karin logos
- new wheels
- new tail lights
- japanese plate


and here a pic of my next work: 

90's London Ambulance

That's all, bye c:


1986 Vapid Ambulance

oh hi, today im here again but without a jap edition xD. I present my new modification is an ambulance type 80s as he used the Los Angeles Fire Department (in this case LSFD) I used as base model the newsvan of the game and i change some things.

 Model Includes:

- Ambulance Decals
- New Roof
- Edited Back doors
- Added Vapid Logos
- Exempt Plate


i will come with more low poly editions soon, cya c:


GTA V Car Style

oh hi c:, Today im present to you my next proyect: a remake of GTA V cars in IV ones, i am editing  IV cars to make look like in V, replacing textures, details, license plates (using original game platecharset) and other stuff too. at the moment i got this:


LST Bus 

Downtown Cab Co. Taxi

 LSFD Ambulance


GTA V License Plate Style

thats all, Soon im going to upload more pics and some cars too... Cya c:


Chavos London Metropolitan Police

And now something completely different! what i made it to this model was:

- Change wheels
- Retexturize model with a police skin
- Edit back bumper (thanks to Nakasuke)
- ELM Lightbar (by me)
- Make IVLM compatible
- Add british license plates

and other random japanese cars

2006 Toyota Hiace Post Van

1982 Nissan Skyline RS-Turbo 4door

1981 Daihatsu Cuore

1985 Honda Today

That's All, bye :3